Lyubov Titova


Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA

Lyubov Titova received her Ph. D. in Physics in 2005 from the University of Notre Dame, IN in the group of Margaret Dobrowolska. She went on to do a postdoc in the group of Leigh Smith and Howard Jackson at the University of Cincinnati in 2005, working on spatially- and time-resolved photoluminescence imaging of semiconductor nanowires. In 2007, she joined the group of Frank Hegmann at the University of Alberta, Canada as an Avadh Bhatia Postdoctoral Fellow to work on time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy of semiconductors. In 2010, she became a Research Associate in the Ultrafast Nanotools Lab (PI – Frank Hegmann). She moved to the Physics Department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute as an Assistant Professor in 2014, where she leads the Ultrafast Optical and Terahertz Spectroscopy Lab, and became an Associate Professor of Physics in 2019. She is also affiliated with WPI Department of Chemical Engineering, and a member of WPI Energy Research Group. She is a recipient of an ACS Petroleum Research Fund New Doctoral Investigator Award and an NSF CAREER Award.