Guoxiu Wang


U. of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Professor Guoxiu Wang is the Director of the Centre for Clean Energy Technology and a Distinguished Professor at University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia. Professor Wang is an expert in materials chemistry, electrochemistry, energy storage and conversion, and battery technologies. Currently, he serves as a regional editor for Polyhedron, an Associate Editor for Electrochemical Energy Reviews (Springer-Nature), an editorial board member for Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group) and Energy Storage Materials (Elsevier). His research interests include lithium-ion batteries, lithium-air batteries, sodium-ion batteries, lithium-sulfur batteries, supercapacitors, hydrogen storage materials, fuel-cells, 2D materials such as graphene and MXene, and electrocatalysis for hydrogen production. Professor Wang has published more than 510 refereed journal papers with an h-index of 105. His publications have attracted over 35,000 citations. He has been recognised as a highly cited researcher in both Materials Science and Chemistry by Web of Science/Clarivate Analytics in 2018 and a highly cited researcher in Materials Science in 2019.