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Update, as of 6/2/20:

The conference will be via webinar this year. More information will be posted soon on how to register for the online webinars. You may register for the available courses via the link below.

In this one-day course, we will cover characterization of MXene powders, colloidal solutions, single flakes and films by Raman spectroscopy, electron microscopy, UV-vis, XPS and other techniques. Experienced researchers will teach you how to determine the quality, flake size, and delamination of MXenes on the example of Ti3C2. Sample preparation and elimination of measurement artifacts will be discussed in detail. Interpretation of Raman, UV-vis and XPS spectra of various MXenes will be provided. Bring your spectra and images and discuss them with our experts.

Experienced researchers, industry professionals, and students are all welcome to partake in this one-day in-depth course preceding the MXene Conference. To register for the MXene Characterization Course, please click on the link below.

*Please register first by clicking on the link below. After you’ve registered you can pay via the second link below.

Note: the discount for attending both courses will be shown at the final payment portal